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sand & rain Arrow vol 2 no 1 contents
About borderlands Volume 2 Number 1, 2003


The sun sits on the horizon, warm and ancient.
Coming close to darkness it projects a bold shade of red
            for the heart of the world, a beautiful view.
Some people are passionate,
            others are narrow-minded and close their eyes
            to the law of life.
The red shade is a message, a gift to the people,
            the world becoming dark.
Night is rising and the day is finished.
Night brings mourning to the sunset,
            the tears of the night are the stars in the sky
            flickering, crying for the day.
Some nights there is moonlight for the morning.
Some days the bright sun can be hidden by cloud.
Sometimes the sky cries raindrops, sometimes blood.
A falling star, a meteor can clean the face of the sky
            wiping away the tears.
When the sky is upset and cries the wind is its comfort.
Sometimes, light of the moon, light in the sky,
            makes the light of love.
When the sky is upset in its heart dew spreads
            on the ground in the morning.
If I go into the sunset I have no sky,
            I have no moon or clouds for crying, nor wind
            to make me comfortable.
I have no falling star or meteor.
I sleep on the ground with more and more soil on top of me,
            all alone.
Animals may have a party feasting on my body.
If I make a party for animals then I am alive within myself.

Mohsan Soltani Zand

4yrs detainee @ Port Headland & Villawood










Tell the ground to open its mouth and eat me.
I am alone now, cannot believe you are gone
Just the same way that I did not believe when you came.

You came from the road without any warning,
and all my love and heart then belonged to you.
You leave without any warning, and leave me

alone with my bitter silence and loneliness

I have no control over the will and desire to see you.
You come and go as you wish, my wounded heart
is counting the moments to see you again

I had no will and control over this friendship and never will.
You even stole my lonely life. Go and I wish you success.
But be sure when it rains it reminds you of my tears.

I wish that your loneliness comes to an end.



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