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About borderlands Volume 4 Number 1, 2005


       Strange Democracies
       Editor: Anthony Burke


John Docker
Is America A Failed Society?

Lorenzo Veracini
Colonialism Brought Home: On The Colonialisation of the Metropolitan Space

Jane Mummery
Rethinking the Democratic Project: Rorty, Mouffe,
Derrida and Democracy to Come

Katrina Lee Koo
Terror Australis:
Security, Australia and the 'War On Terror' Discourse

George Williams
Balancing National Security and Human Rights:
Lessons From Australia

Anne Brewster
Remembering Whiteness: Reading
Indigenous Life Narrative

Zanny Begg
Photography and the Multitude: Recasting Subjectivity
in a Globalised World

Barbara Franz
Letter From America: Still The Land of the Free?







Antonio Negri

Brett Neilson and Angela Mitropolous
Polemos, Universitas

Rolando Perez
Love and Hatred of "French Theory" in America


Tanya Reinhart
The Complex Art of the Simulation of Peace

Uri Avnery
The Bogyman: Peace and the Israeli Military Mind

Nadia Abu-Zahra
No Advocacy, No Protection, No "Politics": Why
Aid-For-Peace Does Not Bring Peace


Victor Kattan
State Formation In Palestine
(Mushtaq Husain Khan, George Giacaman & Inge Amundsen eds.
State Formation in Palestine
, RoutledgeCurzon, 2004)

Matthew Sharpe
Democracy's Violent Heart
(Dan Ross, Violent Democracy, Cambridge University Press, 2004)